Who We Are?

ARMADILLO CYBER TECHNOLOGY is a startup - R&D Company, our main business is focusing on new and cutting edge technologies, to build products, services, solutions for a better life. With hundreds of software engineers, researchers, developers and experts those who are owning powerful skills set like Web apps and mobile apps development, IoT products and Fin-tech products etc. We assure for the best talents readily. All of our members are trained or has experience with modern software and hardware development methodologies: Model Based Design, AGILE, SCRUM, Waterfall etc. in along with ISO 27001, CMMi standards.

Our Missions

⭐️ To provide excellent R&D teams, that could help many enterprises turn their’s ideas into reality in shortest time with cost-efficient and high quality.
⭐️ Integrate Blockchain, AI, IoT and Computer Vision into IT systems to change the way we do business and interact in daily life.
⭐️ We are re-defining and standardizing development process for blockchain D-apps, creating development supported tools, and building various products/solutions empowered by fin-tech, blockchain, IoT, AI, computer vision etc.


To bring the best values to our clients and partners, we are not only focusing on excellent products, services etc, but we also focus on human resource development, development processes, management processes and business manners etc.


We do guarantee compliance with working rule, local and global regulations, software and hardware standards, end user and enterprise information security protection, business flow etc.


Strong team is always better than a collection of strong members. We aim to build an environment that teamwork becomes our spirit.

Business Lines

We Offer Great Services


■ We are working on: AI, Machine learning, IoT, Data mining, Blockchain, Cyber security.
■ Provide research results for products, ideas, demo or any request from clients.
■ Provide research as a service for many domains that we have experience and strong points.


■ Technical team building: We will support non-technical company, enterprise to build in-house technical team from clarifying requirement for technical team, recruiting, training, evaluating and transferring team.
■ Provide system architect design, system development, system operation, data center, cyber security consulting services.


■ Software and hardware product developments, also provide integration solutions for clients.
■ Develop softwares or solutions upon request from clients (commission contracts, outsourcing).
■ Co-development: we are ready for any kind of co-development and shared economy or shared revenue business models.


■ Beside developing our own company products, we are ready to make products and completely transfer to clients upon requested.
■ Most of our products related to shared-economy, shared value like Uber, AirBnB models.

Typical Products

We have successfully built many software products to adopt blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies into daily life.

  • PLUTO - A trusted cryptocurrency wallet
  • URANUS - A cryptocurrency payment processor
  • VENUS - A cryptocurrency POS
  • And more interesting applications are being developed...


⚪︎ Fast synchronization with blockchain networks

⚪︎ Support notification when wallet balance has changed

⚪︎ Support multi flat currencies

⚪︎ Support multi languages

⚪︎ Crypto News

⚪︎ Print Recovery Phrase into flat text and QR Code

⚪︎ Fast Recovery by reading printed QR Code

⚪︎ Hide/show any type of cryptocurrency

⚪︎ Others



⚪︎ Micro transaction supported with XRP, XLM, ADA…

⚪︎ Easy to integrate with API, plugin

⚪︎ Immediate availability: merchants manage their fund

⚪︎ Competitive service fee

⚪︎ Support almost browsers and devices

⚪︎ Support Segwit and Lightning network (BTC)

⚪︎ Flexible service fee: prepaid & post paid



⚪︎ Easy to set-up and use

⚪︎ VENUS support popular coins and tokens

⚪︎ Support to create & manage sale items

⚪︎ Check balance in-app

⚪︎ Full control your fund

⚪︎ Flexible service fee

⚪︎ High Secure

We Supports
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Key Members

ARMADILLO CYBER TECHNOLOGY is made up of hard-working and committed individuals, experts in blockchain, technology, legal, finance, marketing...

Frank Nguyen
Chief Executive Officer
Dung Mac
Chief Legal Officer
Tim Nguyen
Chief Technology Officer
Leader's Messages

We are going to contribute to society with the highest quality products based on new and cutting edge technologies such as blockchain, AI, IoT...

Frank Nguyen

ARMADILLO CYBER TECHNOLOGY commits to bring the highest satisfaction to customers who use our services.

Dung Mac