Business Lines
ACT is a startup - R&D Company, Singaporean stakeholder, our main business is focusing on new and cutting edge technologies, to build products/services/solutions for a better life. With hundreds of software engineers, researchers, developers and experts those who are owning powerful skills set like Web apps and mobile apps development, IoT products and Fin-tech products etc. we assure for the best talents readily. All of our members are trained or has experience with modern software and hardware development methodologies: Model Based Design, AGILE, SCRUM, Waterfall etc. in along with ISO 27001, CMMi standards.
  • We are working on: AI, Machine learning, IoT, Data mining, Blockchain, Cyber security.
  • Provide research results for products, ideas, demo, or any request from clients.
  • Provide research as a service for many domains that we have experience and strong points.
  • Software and hardware product developments, also provide integration solution for clients.
  • Develop software or solution upon request from clients (commission contracts, outsourcing).
  • Co-development: we are ready for any kind of co-development and shared economy or shared revenue business models.
  • Technical team building: We will support non-technical company, enterprise to build in house technical team, from clarifying requirement for technical team, recruiting, training, evaluation and transferring team.
  • Provide system architect design, system development, system operation, data center, cyber security consulting services.
  • Technical Training: Transferring knowledge that has relation with software engineering such as development language, frameworks, development process, infrastructure, quality control framework etc. We also train business flow that relate to engineering, such as business analysis, requirement analysis.
  • Beside developing our own company products, we are ready to making products and completely transfer to clients upon requested.
  • Most of our products related to shared-economy, shared value like Uber, AirBnB models.